Lightning ... the most dangerous and frequently weather hazard in the world.

 Mexico is one of the countries where more people die every year because of lightning, the most dangerous and frequently weather hazard in the world. Lightning is a safety and economic concern in developed countries, but not in developing ones. Usually, single events caused by lightning are less dramatic than the ones caused by floods, hurricanes or tornadoes; that is why mistakenly lightning receives so little attention, but the truth is that on average more people are killed by lightning than by any other weather threat.

Safety campaigns launched by different countries have resulted in a notorious downward trend in yearly fatalities. Lightning is unpredictable, the goal is to reduce injury and death by promoting awareness and education, better policies for outdoor activities, faster medical treatment aided with a warning systems at prime sites for casualties. As with personal safety issues, costs and losses to the industrial and commercial sectors are estimated at $5 to $6 billion yearly only in the US.

It is difficult to estimate the global number of deaths because many of the countries have no reliable statistics available, so a large number of lightning fatalities may be occurring but are not documented, a recent inaccurate estimate average number ranges between 6,000 and 24,000 deaths per year.

The project documents high thunderstorm activity over Mexico City during the last five years. The photographer moves to specific locations during thunderstorms to capture at ground level the power and beauty of lightning in a known context, specifically with representative buildings and monuments of the city with which people from all the country feel identified. The aim is to use them as reference to catch the interest of the people, institutions and safety organizations about the importance and danger lightning represents to the population and spread awareness in order to reduce lightning casualties in Mexico and other countries...